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It's the most wonderful time for the graduating students, when their academic accomplishments are recognized and bestowed with credential like Degree and awards. Graduating students and their families are gathered at Annual Convocation to celebrate their achievement and success. Many meaningful campus programs and events take place in each semester but Annual Convocation of the University demonstrates credibility of the graduating students in the area of their advanced expertise and specialization. The content and conduct of Annual Convocation of the University is consonant with the University’s Governing Ideas and Community Commitments and must clearly address specific purpose of Convocation. We believe convocation is important because it marks the beginning of graduating students’ relationship with SHUATS and their official induction in SHUATS’s family as Alumni. University organizes Annual Convocation in which Degrees for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes are conferred and awarded by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor. The information about the Annual Convocation is communicated to Graduate Students in advance.

Twelfth Convocation