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From the Chancellor's Desk

" We are glad to welcome our incoming students for the academic year 2017-18. We congratulate every student entering into the portals of our University, a choice vocation made by them, having passed through the 'All India Test' and its related procedures to be able to pursue their professional and higher educational goals in this historic University. The scenario of the gross enrolment ratio being under 30% even at a very liberal calculation, speaks of the competition for opportunities for the youth of the country for their dreams of professional and higher education. Therefore, the spirit of healthy competition, serious study and research perusal of the respective courses on the part of students, become all the more important, from day one of the academic calendar of the University.

It is also our endeavour that the enrolled students are not just book worms and lab bugs but, should be athletes in the fields of sports and games, character builders and value acquirers through moral education, to be professional achievers, eloquent speakers, effective communicators, peace promoters and should not be mere guest visitors of libraries but frequenters to the store-houses of knowledge. SHUATS, with a record history of 107 years of life and service of moulding the youth of the country, to be a new cadre of personnel to build the nation, continues to strive for academic excellence and research innovation, with corresponding infrastructure for extracurricular activities. It is the mission of the University, to increase the production levels of the Farms, the Enterprises and the Technology to feed the hungry, and strengthen the efforts of the State for food and health security for overall goal of quality of life of the people of the country specially the excluded groups of the population.

Several specialized areas of study, research, inter university partnerships and startup company collaborations were brought into focus in an effort to expose our emerging scientists, engineers, educators, extension experts, administrators, managers, health professionals, theologians and technocrats, for them, to make a career of choice even while caring for the least of the brethren. It is, therefore, a call that our students should be products of choice and not of circumstances for optimal post- study engagement. In this direction, we are gearing up for the new academic year through teaching, research, library, sports fields, professional networks and other infrastructure resources, with personal overseeing by the visionary Vice Chancellor, the Most Rev.Prof.Dr.R.B Lal and his team of committed and vibrant colleagues to be able to provide what is the best for our students.

We wish our incoming students a rewarding time of learning, grooming, equipping for the challenges of life they are likely to confront, in building their careers and enterprises so as to enrich themselves, their families and be part of the patriotic task of nation building. Protection and providence of Christ the Lord be upon all our students and the University family atlarge. "