Prof. (Dr.) Chandra Kant Shukla
Director, Technical & Professional Education
Head, City Office, Directorate of Distance Education
Head, University Regional Office, Noida
Dr. Alok Milton Lal
Chairman, Special Events Committee
Mr. S. B. Singh
Addl. Director (Administration)

Dr. Rama Kant Dubey

Public Relation Officer

Er. C. John Wesley
Joint Registrar (Administration)
Chairman, Athletics Committee
Head, University Publication Division
Chairman, Social Media Committee
Mr. Amresh Donald Cutting
Assistant Director (Finance)
Mr. Krishan Kumar Singh
Public Relation Officer (on leave)
Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Paul
Controller of Examinations
Dr. L. Samuel Prasad
Dy. Director,
Directorate of Seed & Farm
Mr. Anoop Masih
Chief Security Officer
Mrs. (Ir) Abhilasha Lal
Joint Director (HRM & R)
Mr. Ashok Singh
Assistant Finance Comptroller
Mr. Jainarayan Singh
Dy. Director (Administration)
Prof. (Dr.) P. W. Ramteke
Dean, PG Studies
Dr. Samuel D. MeCarty
Head, KVK
Mr. Ram Kishan Singh
Security Officer
Alan Dan
Deputy Registrar (Admin)
Mr. Jacob Joseph
Liasion Officer, Registrar's Office

Dr. Arun Yadav
Coordinator, Directorate of Extension

Assistant Director, Directorate of Development

Dr. Ameesh John Stephen
Associate N.C.C. Officer (1/17 Coy.)
Dr. Samuel Richmond Saxena
University Chaplain

Dr. Alok Mishra
Chief Proctor

Dr. Amit S. Walters
Deputy Registrar (System Administration)
Prof. (Dr.) Mahabal Ram
Professor Emeritus & Wheat Specialist,
Directorate of Research
Er. Avinash Singh
In-charge, Student Training Dairy Unit
Dr. Nathanial Stephen
Deputy Registrar (Education)
Dr. S. S. Masih
Chief Warden (Women’s Hostels)
Mr. S.P. Simon
Assistant Manager (Farm & Orchard)
Dr. Mohit James
Deputy Registrar (Exam)
Dr. Rohit Lall
Chief Warden (Men’s Hostels)
Coordinator, NSS Program
Mr. Anil Samuel Singh
Workshop Manager
Mr. Aman D. David
Dy. Finance Comptroller
Mr. Satya Prakash Mallick
Librarian, Central Library
Mr. Gideon Singh
Liaison Officer
Dr. Arpan Sherring
Associate Dean, PG Studies

Dr. Shekhar
Chief Medical Superintendent
Hayes Memorial Mission Hospital

Faculty Dean, FHS
College Dean - SIHAS

Mr. Jai Shakar Maurya
Liaison Officer
Mr. Anoop Lawrence
Dy. Finance Comptroller

Dr. Arvind Deshmukh
Medical Superintendent
Hayes Memorial Mission Hospital

Er. R. E. Wilson
Landscape Engineer cum Manager, Gardens
Mr. Ajay David
Dy. Finance Comptroller
Mr. M.P. John
OS Establishment