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Department of Public Health
The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is the most widely recognized professional credential for leadership in Public Health all over the world. Course guarantees to prepare multi dynamic health professionals to work as one man task force in managing and diagnosing health problems in the community. Excellent opportunities for all indigenous system of practitioners and paramedical to understand the different aspects of health problems in community ,Managerial skills for dealing problems at community level, Health planning and policy making, Health research etc. MPH opens Job prospects in Government sector (NRHM) apart from traditional private sector, INGOs and NGOs like WHO and UNICEF are very high and promising. Health managers and administrators in hospitals and other health institutions.etc. Epidemiologist, policy makers, public health professional etc.

MPH programstarted in 2001 under faculty of Health Sciences, Sam HigginbottonInstitute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences, Naini Allahabad . Achievements so far Placement of students in INGOs, NGOs, Government sector in India & Abroad. Collaborative Project with Harvard University, USA, during KumbhMela 2013,Membership of India Public Health Institution Networks (India PHIN)