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Sam Higginbottom Educational and Charitable Society (SHECS)
i) Representatives of Churches and Christian organizations to be appointed by their respective bodies:

No. Societies Members
a) National Council of Churches   in India or its successor One Member
b) All India Association for Christian Higher Education, New Delhi One Member
c) Presbyterian Church (USA) [Founding Church] One Member
d) Methodist Church in India
(Bishop of Lucknow Episcopal Area or his nominee)
One Member
e) Church of North India
(Bishop of Lucknow or his nominee )
One Member
f) Roman Catholic Church, Allahabad Diocese (Bishop or his nominee) One Member
g) Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, Delhi Diocese One Member
h) Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Delhi Diocese One Member
i) Yeshu Darbar Trust/ Ashram/ Temple, Allahabad Two Members
j) The Fellowship of the Free Baptist Churches in  North India, Gorakhpur One Member
k) All Orissa Baptist Churches Federation, Bhubaneshwar One Member
l) Seventh Day Adventist Church One Member
m) Representative of United Evangelical Lutheran Church One Member
n) Priest and Honorary Secretary at Judah Hyam Synagogue One Member
o) Dr. J. A. Oliver – First Pro Chancellor and Rev. [Prof. Dr.] Rajendra B. Lal - First Vice-Chancellor of SHUATS respectively, (Board Resolution No.– BD/63-2007-13 dated November 27, 2007), Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Lal, Prof. (Dr.) David N. Sen, Rt. Rev. Isidore Fernandez, Bishop of Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Allahabad, shall be permanent/life time members in their individual capacity of the Society and its Managing Committee (Society Resolution No.– SHECS/2011-9 dated September 16, 2011).  Dr. (Mrs.) Reny Jacob and Dr. S. A. Brown (Board Resolution No.–MCS/20-2012- 05 dated October 17, 2011 . Life Time Members
p) Christian Education Council of India, Head Quarter- Hyderabad One Member
ii) The Society shall have power to admit other Christian Churches/Christian Organizations as New Members by a Special/Regular/Annual Meetings of the Society through its Managing Committee (MCS).

iii) Ex-Officio Members

1) Vice-Chancellor, SHUATS Chief Executive
2) Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs SHUATS Member
3) Pro Vice-Chancellor, Administration SHUATS Member
4) Treasurer of the Society Member
5) Registrar Joint Executive Secretary

iv) Other Officers

-Director (Campus Ministry)
-Director (Research)
-Director (Extension)
-Director (Human Resource Management & Relations)
-Finance Comptroller
-One Director by rotation and seniority nominated by the -Vice-Chancellor for a period of one year.
-Any other Director appointed, admitted by the Founding Society as member.