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Central Sales & Purchase Committee
This Committee facilitates the purchase of various kinds of equipment, consumable and non-consumable laboratory items, physical articles, library material by Departments/Schools/ Offices / Directorates / Central Facilities/Units/Sections / Farm / Workshop / Hostels, from Institute’s main account,projects funds as well as from any other grant(s). The CSPC ensures that making purchases/sale shall have the responsibility and accountability to bring efficiency, economy, and transparency in matter relating to public procurement and for fair and equitable treatment of suppliers/purchasers by promoting competition.

Sl.No. NAME Designation Membership
1. Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A.Lawrence Pro Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs       Chairman
2. Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Ghosh Dean, ASA Member Secretary
3. Prof. (Dr.) Arif A. Broadway Director Extension Member
4. Mr. Dhruv Lal Officiating Finance Comptroller Member
5. Prof. (Dr.) P. W. Ramteke Dean P.G. Studies Member
6. Prof. (Dr.) Thomas Abraham Professor, Dept. of Agronomy Member
7. Dr. Amit Chattree Head, Dept. of Chemistry Member
8. Dr. ArpanSherring Associate Professor, Dept. of SWL      Member
9. Er. Anil S. Singh Workshop Manager Member
10. Mr. Jayant Paul Inventory Officer Member
11. Concerned School Deans & Heads of the Departments may be invited as and when required