Faculty of Theology,
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
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Faculty of Theology
The former agriculture institute has now grown to be a Christian University (SHUATS) under the leadership of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Most Rev. Dr. Prof. R.B. Lal. The vision and legacy 'Feed the Hungry and Serve the Land' of the founding father Dr. Sam Higginbottom, who had established the Institution in 1910 is still cherished. SHUATS has distinguished itself as a centre of research, education and academic excellence. It is awarded 'A' grade by NAAC and 'A' category by MHRD Govt. of India. The Faculty of Theology is offering undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes in Theology and Christian studies. It combines innovation, educational rigor, Christian integrity and strong sense of mission. The CHAPEL and YESHU DARBAR are two focal points of the identity of the Faculty of Theology. Charting a new discourse on ecclesiology, it has initiated a unique movement of witness that can be truly called indigenous. Thousands from villagers come every week to hear the Word of God and have the healing touch of Jesus Christ.