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Department of Forest Products and Utilization
Forest Products and Utilization is the branch of forestry that is concerned with harvesting, extraction, processing and utilization of timber as well as non-timber products like medicines, tannin, gum, resin, dye, fibre, flosses, biofuel etc. Such resources are now being treated at national/ international level almost at par with the importance of major forest based products like timber etc. thus, making an important contribution to the Indian economic. The forest resource assessment, evaluation and their sustainable utilization is the main aim of the department which caters the needs of research innovation and human resources development. This involves multidisciplinary and an integrated approach encompassing forestry, wood science, botany, chemistry, breeding, etc. The department is involved in teaching, research and extension activities as well as training programmes for stakeholders like farmers, entrepreneurs, Govt. Organizations & NGOs covering various aspects/ information of production processing and marketing of Non-timber as well timber produce . The department is also providing quality planting material of various timber species as well as non timber forest producing plants. The department has latest research facilities to encourage students to have sustained hands on facilities for efficient and sustainable utilization.

  • Characterization of anatomical features for wood identification of timber species.
  • Quantification of carbon sequestration potential of different tree species.
  • Study of efficient and sustainable utilization of Forest resources
  • Characterization of genotypes of different tree species for different wood properties
  • Transfer of technologies to farmers related to wood identification, wood quality assessment, and commercial apiculture, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Cultivation /plantation techniques for important NWFPs and MAPs
  • Processing, value addition and marketing of important NWFPs including MAPs