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Dept. of Forest Biology, Tree Improvement And Wild Life Sciences
Forest Biology and Tree Improvement is the branch of Forestry that looks after breeding and propagating genetically improved trees for quality seed production. Forest tree breeding is relatively a new science. Even so, there is good evidence of its potentiality for increasing forest productivity and quality of the forest produce. The basic scheme for forest tree improvement involves selection of superior parent trees, assembling them as clones in seed orchards in special designs to promote maximum cross pollination among the different clones and reduce inbreeding. Inter-provenance and interspecific hybridization are also resorted to in special situations. Forest tree improvement work through selection and breeding has been in progress in India for the last nearly two decades. The Tree Improvement program emphasizes a natural approach to the mission of both improving and increasing the genetic diversity of several forest tree species.

Wild life sciences carry out wildlife research in areas of study like Biodiversity, Endangered Species, Wildlife Management, Eco-development and Habitat Ecology. The department also preserves and perpetuates wildlife Heritage through professional management while providing sustainable wildlife recreational and commercial opportunities.

Thrust Areas:
  • Improving tree species for restoration, maintenance of genetically diverse plants
  • Introduction and evaluation of fast growing exotic forest tree species.
  • Status surveys of Threatened/endangered species of Birds and Mammals
  • Management of Wildlife ecology, biodiversity studies breeding behavior of birds & mammals.