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Department of Dairy Technology
Dairy Technology Unit
Dairy technology comprises all methods of handling milk, from production to consumption. It includes processing, packaging, storage, transport and physical distribution. It employs the principles of engineering and is based on the sciences of biochemistry, bacteriology and nutrition. The objectives being to prevent spoilage, improve quality, increase shelf life, and make milk palatable and safe for human consumption. The department is equipped with excellent laboratories; a dairy processing plant, which manufactures fluid milk, butter, ice cream, and other products. Undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled into the programme will have opportunities to utilize these facilities to develop basic and/or applied research programmes in dairy-product processing and development, microbiology, chemistry, food safety and management, while interacting with well-qualified faculty.

Dairy Business Management Unit
The aim of teaching dairy business management to the students is to make them familiar with dairy plant operation management, marketing management, financial management and human resource management. It also acquaints the students with different managerial skills to run the dairy plant efficiently, economically and safely within the available resources, for the maximum production with minimum inputs.