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Campus Ministry
SHUATS Campus Ministry is a living and learning community that welcomes, celebrates, and engages the spiritual and faith traditions among students, staff faculty members and their families.

Currently celebrating the 106th anniversary of the reformation, Campus Ministry contributes to the exploration of big questions, nurturing spiritual lives and meaning making, engaging deeply with others who may have differing beliefs, and living in service with our neighbors.

The framework provided by educational and spiritual values the mission of Campus Ministry as centre to integrated learning. Teachings of Lord Jesus Christ are identity roots of the university in a tradition that is always reforming and proclaims a Gospel of love, forgiveness and service.

This year’s Campus Ministry theme is Truth and Reconciliation. It teaches everyone to open ears and hearts to listen that allow us to hear the truths of others. Prayer groups pray for confidence and humility to speak individual’s own truths and honor the process of reconciliation within them, with each other, with creation, and with God.