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Managing Committee of the Society (MCS)
No. Societies Members
1) Chairman of the Society Chairman
2) Vice Chairman of the Society Vice Chairman
3) Vice- Chancellor of the University Executive Secretary
4) Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs Member
5) Pro Vice-Chancellor, Administration Member
6) Treasurer & Director, (Establishment and Estate), SHUATS Member
7) Registrar Joint Executive Secretary
8) Director (Human Resource Management & Relations) Member
9) Finance Comptroller Member
10) One Director to be nominated by the Vice–Chancellor  
11) Four members elected from the Society for a period of three years.  
12) Dr. J. A. Oliver – First Pro Chancellor and Rev. [Prof. Dr.] Rajendra B. Lal - First Vice-Chancellor of SHUATS respectively, (Board Resolution No.– BD/63-2007-13 dated November 27, 2007), Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Lal, Prof. (Dr.) David N. Sen, Rt. Rev. Isidore Fernandez, Bishop of Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Allahabad, shall be permanent/life time members in their individual capacity of the Society and its Managing Committee (Society Resolution No.– SHECS/2011-9 dated September 16, 2011).  Dr. (Mrs.) Reny Jacob and Dr. S. A. Brown (Board Resolution No.–MCS/20-2012- 05 dated October 17, 2011. Life Time Members