Uttar Pradesh, India
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A large number of young men and women from all backgrounds and with value-based mindset must be trained in order to build a New India. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, SHUATS, has constantly drawn attention of the staff and students towards the positive and proactive role that the University must play in producing professionals and leaders to serve the country in the most effective manner. The professionals are required to prove their mettle by succeeding in competitive examinations, viz.,civil services, CDS, JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, GATE,and so on, and show themselves to be ready to serve the society and the nation in the challenging circumstances. They must also be trained through various personality and leadership development programmes. The students also must practice and participate in athletics, cultural and literary competitions. They must get a feel of the leading national services organizations such as the NCC  and NSS. The Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD) of SHUATS has constituted a core committee to encourage, guide and counsel students of theUniversity to become competent godly professionals and leaders. The committee will facilitate the overall development of all its students, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Following are the members of the core committee:

Prof. (Dr) P. J. George, Director CHRD Chairman
Prof. (Dr) Shailesh Marker, Director Research Member
Prof. (Dr) Suresh B. G. Member
Dr. Deepak Lal, Member
Dr. Biswarup Mehera Member
Dr. Amit Chattree Member
Dr. Amit Alexander Charan Member
Prof. (Dr) A. K. A. Lawrence, Pro VC Academics Advisor
Prof. (Dr) Newman Fernandes Advisor
Dr. Ashish Alexander, Associate Director CHRD Member Secretary

To realize this purpose, each institute/college/school of the Universityhas formed a committee with School Dean as the chairperson. School Chaplains serve as coordinators and coordinate with CHRD with the aim of increasing the number of students qualifying competitive examinations such as ARS, JRF, SRF, NET,GATE, CDS,etc. Similarly, each department under the schools has also formed a committee with the Head of the Department as the chairperson. The school and department committees conduct regular trainings, group discussions, seminars, and mock tests etc. for students to qualify the said exams. They also help identify competent professionals from within or outside the University to impart instructions to the aspirants. The committees operate with the mandate to train students in such a manner that they are employable and also able to qualify competitive services examinations in the country. The CHRD monitors the functioning of human resources development activities of all schools/departments. The CHRD directly conducts trainings for civil services examinations regularly.