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Department of Entomology
The Department of Entomology offers research focus areas including basic and applied research in agricultural-pest management, population dynamics, multi-trophic interactions, insect identification and systematics. The research aims at developing strategies to more effectively prevent, detect and control agricultural pests, emphasizing ecofriendly methods, which include use of indigenous products, botanicals, bioagents, etc., with a view to reduce pesticide use and exposure as well as biological magnification. Management strategies and IPM modules that are environmentally and socially acceptable are developed to combat the insect pest attack on vegetables, cereals, pulses and stored grains, etc. Current research efforts emphasize the conservation of natural enemies, augmentative releases, and investigations into the basic ecology and behavior of natural enemies. Faculty and students are involved in ecological studies on predators, parasitoids and pathogens and in understanding their role in the suppression of insect pests. Emphasis is also placed on multidisciplinary approaches involving plant pathology, weed science, nematology and extension practices.

Lab Facilities
Advanced Microbial Lab
Tissue Culture LabĀ 
Molecular Lab