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Department of Arts and Social Sciences
A : Library and Information Science
B : Psychology
C : Arts for Women

Library and Information Science:
Library awareness in the present context is rapidly growing in the country. Consequently, there is an increase in the establishment and expansion of various libraries, viz., academic, public and special. ue to this factor, the demand for qualified personnel, trained in various aspects of librarianship has increased .The department has been established for preparing trained librarians in the region, to meet the needs of the knowledge-based society. The department started in 2001 with a one year postgraduate course leading to B.Lib.Sc. degree. The department has adopted the National Information Policy norms in the formulation of the bachelor's degree and master's degree in the library and Information Science. The department has taken care to emphasize new concepts with adequate coverage while revising the syllabus. As a result of modern technological impact, the department introduced “Computer Application in Library and Information Science” at B.L.I.Sc. level in 2001, which was later in 2004 changed to Information Technology Application. So for, over 200 Students have completed their training in library and information science from the university and most of the alumni are occupying positions of responsibility in academic and special libraries. Since the year 2013–14, new revised syllabus with new credit and grading system has been introduced.

The Section of Psychology was established in 2009–10 with the vision to implement a sustained and excellent psychology programme for the overall development and betterment of the society. Keeping this requirement in mind the department of psychology offers a full-time, three-year BA (Hons.) programme not only to prepare the students for the present competitive era but also enhance their overall personality to succeed in the job market. It also offers a full-time two- year MA/ M.Sc. programme with two months internship, where a student has the freedom to choose one area of specialization, which in itself creates demand for skills required for managing knowledge, creative abilities, talents, interpersonal skill and aptitude. It thus equips them to deal with different functional areas of psychology. The curriculum provides intensive instruction in psychological theory and methodology and exposes students to important applications of psychology knowledge with its emphasis on critical reading and thinking, communication, and active learning. The courses are designed to teach basic and advanced principles and methods and to promote analytical skills so that students may deal with complex phenomena, theoretical or applied, with an appropriate level of theoretical sophistication and critical evaluation. The department also offers Ph.D. degree in psychology and other interdisciplinary subjects.

Arts for Women:
The Section of Arts for Women was established in the year 2012. It is an interdisciplinary academic Department, which is working with the objective to build capacity of the women and girls focusing on, education, widening opportunities for employment and produce quality among students to support the universal call of knowledge based society to develop responsibility of a citizen towards creative leadership, productivity and fostering social and spiritual values, and harmony in the family and community.
To enlighten and empower young women to meet the challenges of the world by building strong character oriented individuals with economic independence, by imparting value-based education and to promote humanity with education that aids in building good citizens to launch the nation into the global league.Education is the greatest known catalytic agent for social change and is the foundation for the overall development of the nation. The Department of Arts for Women is providing the best opportunities to students and prepares them to meet the challenges on global level in coming years. The Department of Arts for Women, has an excellent and committed team of faculty members. Teachers provide supportive environment to their students.