Test Centers

Test Centre Test Centre Code   Test Centre Test Centre Code
Allahabad 01   Indore 30
Agra 11   Jaipur 31
Barielly 12   Kolkata 35
Bangalore 13   Lucknow 37
Bhopal 15   Nagpur 41 
Cochin 18   New Delhi 43
Dehradun 22   Patna 45
Dimapur 23   Raipur 48
Gwalior 25   Ranchi 49
Hyderabad  27   Shillong 51
Imphal 29   Siliguri 53

i) Every effort will be made to assign the candidate the center of his/ her first choice. However, the University reserves the right to change the centre and assign the candidate to any one of the above centres.
ii) The centres once assigned shall not be changed
iii) Any of the above center(s) can be cancelled at the discretion of the University.